Saturday, March 1, 2008

&!@%$*# Old Nails

In 1823 did they only have one size nail?? This is a "trim nail".

This is the size of every nail in the house (except the tacks that attached the lathe). It's used for the posts and beams, floor joists, tongue and groove floorboards, AND the delicately fluted trim. Jeeeeze! What a pain in the butt - I spent more time trying not to split the trim as it was being removed - and Lee tried to keep all the tongues and grooves in one piece. I'll be glueing some. No wonder this is the only room in the house with the original window and door trim left! Hope it can be saved.
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OKLA said...

Just think of all the items you are becoming experts on!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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