Sunday, March 16, 2008


Anthony and Cleopatra have laid eggs for the third year in a row.
At least the last 2 years they have nested on the edge of the driveway. When we were still ambivalent about purchasing this house they were nesting in the CENTER of the drive. The eggs somehow survived that year. Goes to show you that we were probably the only people looking at this house. We carefully edge them off every year to keep the FedEx and utility trucks from running them over. This year I think they are finally used to us as Cleo only puts on her "injured" show when Killian walks by. Little does she realize that only makes him notice her. That dog doesn't have a keen sense of smell, but he sure sees every little movement.
Here is part of her injured routine. Its really funny to watch.

Our gravel isn't great for a driveway as it is deep and people usually get stuck in it, but its great for hiding eggs!

Every year I spend a few days scooping up and moving the deeper gravel. I like the way it looks, and it stays cool, but visitors don't care for it. The previous owners definitely over bought. This year I am going to use the extra to extend the driveway over towards the shed entrance.

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Fresh cut lumber

March 2nd
I really fall behind with my posts!
Picked up the ceiling paneling early Saturday from Stoltzfus Lumber. We asked for 63 ten foot boards so we wouldn't have to do any cutting. What we picked up was 87 boards in various lengths from 10 1/2 feet to over 16 feet! My Xterra roof rack was loaded to its limit! What a ride home - of course it was WINDY! Now we know that we will get wood in whatever lengths the tree is, we will be more prepared when we pick it up.
There are some split and knotty pieces we will have to work around but on the whole (considering it was only 70 cents a board foot) we are pleased. It will have to be sanded down a little more than boards we would have bought from a big box store, but it is nice and thick and will look right on the ceiling. I'll prime it well and the knots will add character (I love that word!)
Here is a close up - can you see the "v" grove?

We moved the couch out from the wall in the living room and stacked and sticked it with the lath. It will sit here until after Easter when it should be acclimated to the inside environment and be ready for priming and painting. I hear this is an important step when using air dried lumber.

We are only renovating one small room and the whole house is dusty and parts of this project have invaded every room. How do people live in their homes and renovate entire floors?
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