Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tedious floor removal

Saturday, February 23, 2008
We started taking up the floor this weekend. As you see the floor upstairs was completed prior to adding any walls - grrrrrrrrrrrrr. OH, and that dark area was mold-yuk - this is the back of the bathroom wall.
We went back and forth about whether to attack this from above or below (we needed to find out why the floor bounces-ummmm look how far apart the joists are!) - called a buddy from up the street to take a look - weighed opinions and decided to go at it from above. Once again Lee used MY handy sawzall (I knew we needed it) and cut the boards between the two walls.
As we took the boards up I numbered them, although they probably won't go back quite in the same order. The lumber yard is attempting to fabricate a match as new boards are needed to fill in where the chimney was and we need to replace a few boards under a window where they were rotten. These are of course TRUE sizes so a larger board will have to be sized down. Hope the rest of the floors look this good where we don't have to rip them up.

We came upon a challenge at the door and still haven't resolved that issue. I took up the huge threshold and wondered why there was one installed to begin with-the wood continued between the rooms seamlessly. (and why did they paint that blue?)
We are not planning on tearing up the hallway until next year (and don't plan on taking up the floor there anyway) so I guess we will just nail it back down (sans blue paint) to hide the ugly seam. Looks better without the threshold, but don't know how else to handle it.
Yup, that's drywall down there under the floor. Very neat installation which looks like it was done back when the electricity was installed. The horrible textured ceiling below must have been added in the 80's and MUST GO. Which brings us to the end of the day and our next post........
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