Sunday, February 10, 2008

Electrical Panel

Sunday, February 10, 2008
I'm still playing catch up on posts. Finally having a snow day today so maybe I will make some headway. I'll try to back post some projects we did in Summer 2007 and the Ernesto episode which broke us in to waterfront living (ie "why did we buy this place on the water......", "there's geese swimming in my yard", "I thought after the tornado I wouldn't be cutting up any more trees", etc).
Exhausted as we were, we cleaned up last night and went to a party down the street at the old "Victory Bar". Old farts that we are, we only lasted through 2 or 3 Bud Light 10-oz cans (the OFFICIAL drink of the 7th District) before giving out. Met some people who grew up across the creek from our house - they told us we had the prettiest spot on the creek. Boy, we really needed to hear that!
Spent all of Sunday morning and well into the afternoon flipping on and off the breakers in the electrical panel, hooking up radios, using the circuit tester, and trying to map out the spider web of circuits in this house. We have one large panel strategically placed abutting a window in the family room (its a beauty). Hope to conceal it with curtains some day, or maybe build it into a bookcase/wall unit.

Also have a sub panel BEHIND the hot water heater, which we want to relocate when we put in the breezeway/garage (hope we can still afford to).

I'm sure there was a reason for the placement of this, along with why we only have one circuit for the 3 bedrooms and 1 bath upstairs - except for one outlet in one bedroom, but including one downstairs outlet in the family room. Why do we have "the mystery" breaker - took hours to realize it wasn't hooked up to ANYTHING. Why there is a single circuit for that lone outlet upstairs that is not on the upstairs breaker? Why is my furnace emergency switch ABOVE my upper kitchen cabinets? I'm sure it made sense in the "wayback" (it was probably the easiest solution). Anyway we decided now was the time to do this so we wouldn't get zapped!
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