Saturday, February 23, 2008

Floor revealed

Saturday, February 16, 2008
I really wanted to title this something risque and crude...something to do with "wood"...but I'll keep my immature side to myself. Plus, my parents wouldn't like it.
Started the day at 8am with a trip to "The Vintage Source" - its like going into Gram & Pap's old house and barn. Can't let myself purchase too much since we still have furniture to get rid of and rooms to renovate, but its fun to poke and get ideas. I usually pick up a little something, here are this weeks goodies. Good thing its only open once a month!
Type Tray for the old fishing lures and shells (see the world's second most ugly rug in this pic-the worlds ugliest rug is on the upstairs floors)

Hitchcock style chairs (2 for $60) to go with the game table behind - sooooo they aren't authentic, who cares, they are sturdy, cute and cottage-y

and my personal favorite - the non plastic Yahtzee cup.

Then we high tailed it over to the Amish sawmill on Rt 236 - if anyone wants directions leave a comment. It was MUDDY, so will take photos of the machinery and stuff (no people!) next time. We ordered the 3 to 4" tongue and v-groove for the ceiling and should have it within 2 weeks. Cheap Cheap Cheap - but it is air dried instead of kiln dried - so we need to stick and cure it inside for a while. I want to paint it so chose poplar over pitchy pine. It was less than half the price of Lowe's or Home Depot. So, its not bead board...I don't care...its for the bedroom ceilings. Back then I think they would have chosen the less expensive alternative for the upstairs anyway. If I really want bead board it will go downstairs in the more public area. I think we will be happy with this tho. Its what would have been available 185 years ago, and is being made locally without electricity which pleases me too. We'll see how it turns out and then decide what to do on the walls. They can mill it as wide as 12" - I keep playing with the idea of putting it up on the walls horizontally using varying widths - but I think Lee is sold on the vertical wainscot with a thick cap.
We did all that, arrived home by 10:30, ate some brekkie, and tore out the carpet and padding. It went fairly quickly and here is what we found!

If only we didnt have to do anything but sand and clean it up - but alas, we have to shore up the joists underneath so it will all have to come up. Hope we dont ruin it. Also have to find something to match so we can patch up the old chimney hole. Another trip to the sawmill! Not sure what kind of wood it is. Our bedroom is heart pine, but that's in the "newer" part - this just doesnt look like pine. (This pic was actually taken Sunday after the baseboards came up).
Friends called and wanted to go out for dinner - so we bagged up the mess and put it in my Xterra (the dump mobile).


Stephanie said...

Pretty chairs! Will you go for me in March and find me a pretty vanity like the one on the Vintage Source website? ;) Glad you had a good find that day... wish we had a chance to go earlier the last time I was there... oh well, next time. Keep up the good work! xo

Mary said...

All i can say is better you than me :D. You got those remodeling genes! Want to make a pilgrimage w/you to the vintage source! Like the chairs!

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Debby said...

okay, we would like directions to the sawmill. Debby and Gary